Amp Up Your Special Day with Lingerie

Okay so, a special date for your and your partner is around the corner and you're wondering how to give them the time of their life - well, outside the usual realm of a typical nice meal, of course. 
You’ve come to the right place. We are Made of Lace, after all. And we happen to specialise in the field of lingerie and pleasure. Yes, we are indeed suggesting that you incorporate our latest collection, Venus Valentine, into your late-night plans ;)
Feeling a little bit shy? Or don’t know where to start? Here’s the guide you need:
  • Plan a Full Cozy Day In
  • When was the last time you got to spend all day in bed or on the couch together just watching your favourite guilty pleasure series? Invite them over, cook for them, and cuddle all day wearing these comfy, cute and cosy sets. It’s still daytime so keep it cute and make them think this is all there is to it.
  • Go Out for Dinner and Drinks
  • When the time comes for the lazing to end and the dressing up and looking good to begin, you better make sure their jaw drops. How? By getting ready together and making sure they know you have all this beautiful lingerie underneath your clothes OR you could wear a sexy slip dress/bodysuit with nothing at all on the inside. Take your pick. Be sure to be extra flirty all night to build anticipation.
  • Bring Out the Secret Weapon
  • When you get home tipsy and ready to go at it, surprise them for even further with a lingerie set that looks like it came straight out of the wardrobe trailer for one of the 50 Shades movies. Lucky for you, we have quite the collection; each one special and painfully sexy in its own way. Lace, mesh, fishnet, or pleather, it’s YOUR weapon of the night. We guarantee you will feel like the hottest thing to walk this planet resulting in a brilliant time.

    Go forth and have a blast (of your life)!