Come Down The Rabbit Hole


I Don’t Play, Boy.

We all have that fantasy, even just from a daydream
in one random, languid afternoon.
To brace the cover of the Playboy magazine.
Live in the Playboy mansion.
Become a Bunny in the Playboy Mansion.
Party 24/7 all over the world without worry.
Bunnies don’t worry. Bunnies party.
Bunnies laugh. Bunnies have fun.
Bunnies explore.
Alongside Master Hugh; Like emperor and concubine.
Every Bunny is Hugh’s favourite Bunny. But Master Hugh says you are his Number One, and you believe it 100%.
Foolish Bunny! Manja Bunny! Happy Bunny!

What bizzare daydream!


... What if you actually hold the criteria to the perfect House Bunny?

Find out the inner Playboy Bunny that is hiding inside you!

1) You Are Friendly

Do you have more than 20 close friends and at least knows someone whenever you are in a new city? That's one trait checked in the Playboy Bunny Checklist!

One personality trait that all Playboy Bunnies must have is friendliness. Some of us can be very outgoing, some of us tend to warm up a little later, but must be able to build connections. Hospitality is important in Playboy Clubs in order to invite returning customers!


2) You Have A Talent or Interest Apart From Your 9-5 Job

Are you a beauty or fashion influencer on the side? You’re an amazing golfer. You have above average typing speed, talent acquired from firing essay texts to previous ex boyfriends. Maybe you don’t have a gag reflex. Any talent counts!


3)  You Are A Very Meticulous Bunny

Think Monica, from Friends. But sexier && wilder, with a lot of passion for FUN!

Extracted from the Playboy Manual

A Playboy Bunny has a strict guideline of dress code since they are in the serving industry and has to look their best at all times. If your mood crumbles just because of one strand of wrinkle at your shirt, then you are truly a Bunny!


4) You Have A Good Memory

Well you gotta be able to remember what Master Hugh likes.

All girls do possess this skill as we remember what our partners have promised or have said and used it against them when they tried to pull out an argument.

*Good tip in keeping a man/friend/job, btw.

It sounds difficult but be confident with your brain, smart bunny! You can do this in no time!




Live out your Bunny Fantasy with the Made of Lace Bunny Suits!
4 BUNNY COSTUMES to truly express the Play Boy Bunny in YOU.


The Bunny outfit is such a classic! Our MUST-HAVE Halloween costume in this collection.

The Classic Bunny Suit includes :

Jane Velvet Bodysuit (option of Black or Red)
Sheena’s Shiny Stockings (CUT OUT)
Bunny Ears
Bow Tie
Fluffy Bunny Tail
Lace Gloves

Beautiful&&Bold, this costume set is not shy to make you shine! Jump as high as you want and hop into hearts of many!


The Bridget Bunny Lingerie Costume Set includes:

Bunny Lingerie
White Sheena's Shiny Stockings (Cut Out)
Bunny Headpiece
Black Bow Choker
Lace Cufflets


Crown yourself the Best House Bunny in this costume set!
All Masters want to own you, and all Bunnies want to be you!


The Holly Bunny Lingerie Costume Set includes:

Bunny Lingerie
White Camille Lace Up Stockings
Bunny Headpiece
Bunny Tail
Black Wrist Cufflets 


Serve sexily to your very own Master Hugh in this bunny costume!
He can't get enough of your drinks with some wild intimacy on the side!


The Kendra Bunny Lingerie Costume includes:

Bunny Lingerie with matching panties
Camille Lace Up Stockings 
Black Lace Choker
Bunny Head Piece
White Cufflets


Relax, it’s only a fantasy. If you can’t be there in the Playboy Club, you bring the Playboy Club to you. Particularly, into your boudoir to your personal Hugh.

Are you a gentleman with a Hugh Hefner fantasy? You gotta dress your Bunny in one of these costumes.

Illusion. Fantasy. Play. Made of Lace.


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