Dummie's Guide to Sexy Surprises

To Cupid’s delight, Valentine’s Day is approaching quietly in excited tiptoes! Sneaking up on us like lover’s hands covering our eyes from behind. Asking the question, “Are you ready?”

This Valentine’s @madeoflace & @beautifleurs have collaborated to give lovebirds the sexiest of Valentine’s Day gift - roses & lingerie.

Two gifts, one (very important) girl.



Fleur & Lace ; Flowers & Lingerie

Two of the most romantic gifts you can present to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

The most romantic gift to the most romantic event of the year. 

The Fleur and Lace Special Edition Carry-Me-Home Floral Box is matte black with gold accents, subtle yet elegant in a luxurious presentation. Featuring premium red roses, imported  hydrangeas, white orchids, and astrantia million stars in a heart shaped arrangement on a huge carry-me box by Beautifleurs. The Fleur and Lace Special Edition Carry-Me-Home Floral Box includes a sexy surprise, a little drawer under the bouquet to silk and lace - the lingerie of your choice from Made of Lace.

BROWSE : Made of Lace Fleur and Lace Valentine's Day Collection


Think out of the box, The Fleur and Lace Special Edition Valentine’s Gift Box. Picture her laugh, imagine her giggles when she opens the box to first see her beautiful flowers. And a second surprise when she opens the drawer to beautiful lingerie.

Now imagine her cheeky reaction, giving you a sly smile.

Untying the golden ribbons on the big black mysterious box, the recipient will be surprised to find a bouquet of fresh flowers awaiting. Your darling surprised recipient will then be in awe to discover the drawer beneath the beautiful heart shaped bouquet. That is where her lingerie is strategically placed for her to discover. Feel free to add a love letter underneath all that silk and lace!

The box does not only say “I Love You”, it also says “I Want You”. Give her the box, and you’re gold.


Is this not the most intimate Valentine's Day gift ever?
Presents are a wonderful expression of love, and in romantic relationships, lingerie is one of the most treasured gifts. There's just something very special about receiving lingerie in a beautifully wrapped box from a lover.

You know how they say that experiences can make better gifts than things? Well, with lingerie, you're giving the gift of many future adventures involving you taking your purchase off your lover.

Lingerie is that one gift that gives back 😜




Worried about getting her the WRONG SIZE?

1. Well tonight you can certainly ask her in a playful way, be careful with that game because she would wonder why the sudden perk of curiosity!


2. Check her lingerie drawer when she's in the shower. One of her many bras must have their sizes stated on! Check these familiar numbers ( 32B or 75C ). Yes the numbers look like they are harder than add maths, no worries here as you can always snap a photo of the size and show it to our customer service. We will guide you all the way, it's a-okay!

Made of Lace Customer Service - https://wa.me/60133338851



Not sure which lingerie to get her?

1. First off, understand what she likes. Again, secretly rummage through her lingerie drawer to see what are her favourite colors (red, pink, white) or her favourite material (lace, silk, cotton).

2. If there are so many you do not know how to choose, it indicates your girl is no stranger to sexy lingerie. We suggest you pick something wild and out of the ordinary from the Made of Lace Fleur and Lace Collection.

3. If she has only the basics, may we suggest you get her an elegant piece of lingerie that is nice to sleep in, and nice for you to hold!




ORDER : Fleur and Lace Special Edition Carry-Me-Home Box (With Balloon)

ORDER : Fleur and Lace Special Edition Carry-Me-Home Box (Without Balloon)



The Fleur and Lace Special Edition Carry-Me-Home Box is :-

- available to preorder from 7/1 - 14/2
- orders available within KLANG VALLEY only
- available for pick up at Beautifleurs, Uptown Damansara
- special delivery arrangements are available upon request


For any special requests or enquiries please contact either one of the brands in collaboration!

 For customer service:

 Made of Lace

Whatsapp : https://wa.me/60133338851
Instagram : @madeoflace
Facebook : www.facebook.com/madeoflace


Whatsapp : https://wa.me/60124026405
Instagram : @beautifleurs
Facebook : www.facebook.com/beautifleurs