How to Achieve, Even From Home

In the light of the extension of the Movement Restriction Order (MRO), it is a privilege that we are able to spend more me-time.

Use this time to analyse how you do what you do, because how you do anything is how you do everything.

Bring yourself new alternatives, new values, and in the process even reinvent yourself. This could be the window of opportunity to find your new Self.



We are now able to start picking up things that we have left after being drifted by adulthood; whether it is a skill, a healthy habit, or taking a leap of faith by making a big change in your life; like being consistent into having a fit physique to finally learning how to cook a real meal.


No matter what you want to achieve with the abundance of time in your hands, here are some simple yet valuable tips on how to kickstart them!



1. Keep Your Existing Routine

Do you usually wake up at 6AM to go to work? Let your alarm buzz like how it used to. Messing up your usual routine by waking up super, duper, late and eating meals at odd times will result in you slacking off and demotivated to continue the rest of your day.

Beat the holiday blues by sticking to your life pattern but substitute the hustle and bustle with therapeutic self-recovery such as a morning soothing yoga session or a good read with the book you have got to finish!


2. Smell Good to Feel Good

A scent determines the direction of your life, it either gets better or goes downhill, depending on what you have smelt whether on yourself or on someone else.

Make it the best at home by including a pleasant scent in your shower routine! Use a soap with the scent that you prefer, and spray some cologne or body mist of your favourite to the suggested body points-namely, the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows to make it last throughout the whole day.


3. Dress to Impress Yourself

Everyone loves lying on their beds with pyjamas that we have not changed from 10 years ago, but seeing that look on yourself everyday may shut your mind, and eventually your goals off. Galvanise your lounging outfits by pairing your bodysuit with your shorts, wear a cute summer dress even it is only for your pet to look at.

Want to put on something more comfortable? Have on beautiful lace nighties to light up your mood. Throw a satin robe on to pick up your shopping deliveries at the door. Even better when you can excite your partner when he sees you with a new, fancy lingerie as he answers FaceTime!


4. Take Small Steps

People always forget that the key to success is consistency. Being motivated for a long period of time may be challenging, hence it is suggested to start small. Work with the things that are readily available at your home. If you want to start eating healthy, oven bake the chicken instead of deep frying it. If you want to revamp a space, start decorating using recyclable crafts or furniture that are lying around your house. It is important to make do of what you have before adding on so you will be able to explore your strengths that can aid in achieving your goal!


5. Practise Gratitude

The grass may be greener on the other side, but we may overlook the blooming dandelions on our field that are ready to grant every wish. The greatest mindset that a person should have is to always look at the best side of things and be thankful of them.

Count your blessings, it is very good practise.

The extended MRO can be a bummer because you cannot go out and socialise like we used to, but instead of dwelling in the negative thoughts, you should jump on the bright side and probably say,  "Yay! More time to invest in your space and make beautiful moments with the people at home!".

Remember to put on the yellow thinking hat when any situation goes on an unfortunate turn. 

Take this social isolation also as a privilege. If not in the front line, you're still doing your job by staying at home and not spreading it.

Be thankful the people around you as well. The best that we can do especially for now is to be kind with each other, and it all starts with a gentleness.