Hot Date Essentials

Dipping Headfirst in Love

Looking for something to wear on your next date? 
We've got you more than covered with a roundup of effortlessly attractive outfit ideas
that will make prepping for your next date plan outside–or, of course, in—almost too easy.
to save for a surprise ending to classic jean-and-top combos to of course, a couple loungewear moments, these 'fits will have you ready 
for whatever your love life throws at you.
**Just be sure to save or screenshot your favourites to have on hand and copy any time you’re in a pinch!
(And don't be surprised if you end up wearing many of them on repeat.) So, what are you waiting for? See and shop the looks that made the cut below and consider your getting-ready time officially cut in half for the rest of the year.


1. The most important accessory of the year: Facemasks!

Satin Facemask (Made of Lace) RM39.90

If you're anything like us, we still try to look our best and make do with the ongoing circumstances. After all, a lady should always dress like one, right?

Lined up is the upgrade of facemask fashion, opt for a satin neutral mask that matches any clothing item you fancy putting on that day and do remember to insert your filters to ensure maximum protection from viruses, germs and pollutants!

All while looking like the bombshell you are. Get your hands on one now!


2. The day-to-night transition piece 



Hailey Swimsuit (Made of Lace) RM219.90

The perfect addition to your wardrobe, this piece is meant for lounging at the beach but easily doubles as a bodysuit for date night! The sleeves are detachable and lined with floral lace embellishment which we can all agree adds a whole 'nother level of glam to the look. If the softer cream colour doesn't catch your eye, maybe this next style in black will catch your fancy.

Zoe Swimsuit (Made of Lace) RM199.90


3. INNER Wear = OUTER Confidence


Aurora 3-piece Underwire Bra Set (Made of Lace) RM169.90

Xanthea Cosplay 4-piece Bralette Set (Made of Lace) RM169.90
Maybelle 1/4 Cup 3-piece Bralette Set (Made of Lace) RM169.90


Taffy 3-piece Ribbon Bralette Set (Made of Lace) RM169.90

From candy pink to angelic white tones to burgundy baddie vibes, we have just the set to get you feeling the confidence that exudes when worn underneath. Forget the past versions of you, live as the woman you ARE now. Not to mention the lush and addicting smooth feel of satin against your skin, it's sure to tingle your lucky audience's senses if they get the chance to see it at the end of a great night ;)


4. Cut-Out designs are THE sneaky tease-piece

Alexia Bodysuit (Made of Lace) RM159.90

Alexia Dress (Made of Lace) RM179.90
The Alexia is best worn under a cropped cardigan and your choice of bottom, the cutout bust hugging design meant to outline your best features without revealing too much. With the variety pick of a dress or bodysuit, you get to decide how much to show off! Even more, if you can't decide, why not get the best of both worlds!



5. The Grand Final - Pulling it All Together 

Grace Kelly Little Black Dress (Cult of Lace) RM219.90


Lady Mercy Dress (Cult of Lace) RM219.90

The right choice of dress is required to pull the whole shebang together, featuring Cult of Lace premium designer dresses. Make the best impression on someone and look your best to feel your best, huns.




Made of Lace.