10 Ways To Live A Better 2021!

We're all well aware that on the 1st of January, there isn't some miraculous magical reset. It's the fresh feeling of a new year but with a continuation of what we've been dealt the last year which could be as soon as 1 minute after the clock struck midnight.

However, there isn't any better time to reconstruct your lifestyle and be rid of things that no longer serve our growth, and get inspiration to achieve goals for the future you.

Here are some New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021 to get started!

  • Start a Dream Journal, Sleeping Beauties!

A really fun way to keep track of the bizarre dreams we are able to have during sleeptime! Go ahead and try it if you've never done so.

  • Drink. More. WATER.
  • Adopt An Attitude of Gratitude

Count your blessings. Become aware of all the wonderful things in your life, it puts you in a great mood 24/7!

  • Make Time for Self-Care

This could be in the form of a little spa day at home, or some Netflix in bed with a cup of tea, wearing luxurious lingerie from Made of Lace, of course!

  • Love your Self

“To love oneself,” wrote Oscar Wilde, “is the beginning of a life-long romance.” Be kind to yourself, just as you would a friend.

  • Wake Up At The Same Time Everyday
  • Clean Out Your Inbox Once A Week

Decluttering your digital inbox or photo album is so soothing. Go into the new year fresh and organised and CALM.

  • Perfect One Recipe
  • Try Something New

Haven’t we missed out enough on 2020? This 2021, try new things. Things you haven’t done before. Things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do.

  • Ditch One Bad Habit
  • "SHINE BRIGHT" - @adelinetsen



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