The Bralette Trend


For a long time, we women turned to very specific product codes for our lingerie: super-padded bras with big laces and heavy details.


Meanwhile, this dainty little thing called The Bralette swoops in && besotted the modern women. All flimsy straps, lace && minimal padding.


"A bralette has have more refined details with thinner fabrics, compared to super-padded bras." 


Embrace your natural curves.

"Lingerie is more than an outfit, it's a way to express inner desire."


Crafted of triangle cups made of imported french lace, the delicate lace bodes so well to the naked skin, melting into all the right tip and curve, almost becoming one to the body. The golden hardware on the front hook makes the bralette so easy to wear, and so easy to remove. *winks Thin elegant bra straps brings you to a lace racer back, emphasising your sensual shoulder blades, you in the lingerie are even more stunning from behind.

Women today are self-sufficient && independent; And we have developed a more empowered relationship with our bodies. We are looking at independence && free will, and lingerie is an amazing way to express ourselves.

The notion of comfort used to be associated with big padded bras, large wings, and underwire in order to maintain healthy breasts. Women were pressurised to wear the same heavily padded traditional bra in order to look a certain way to fit society's beauty standards.


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Today, ideas are different!

The concept of life && wellness go with lightness, comfort && premium fabrics with simpler designs that does not compress the breasts, but rather, embrace the natural curves of the breasts.





What a great time to be alive! What a great, great time to embrace our feminity! We are free to look sexier && more seductive in our lingerie choices. We are entitled to what we know is best for our bodies!