Would You by Talitha Tan / A Photo Story by Sakiyurai

You will see. Every little thing that I do for you is to make you feel alright
I will be everything you need, that you need from me
Cause i’m all you need tonight

Would you, let me love?
Love you more than I were to love myself 




Pull me close don’t let go.
Don't wanna be just another memory;
Love you more than the air that i breathe.


Would you, close your eyes?
Let me be the one to kiss you goodnight
Wont you hold me closer, my love.









Made of Lace chats with Malaysian sweetheart Talitha Tan about lingerie and womanhood.


is this your first boudoir shoot?
i’ve done many photo shoots in the past, but come to think of it this has been my first proper boudoir shoot.

how do you feel in a boudoir shoot?
Normally i would wear the lingerie as it is, or if the lingerie is pretty or would look good, i would actually wear it as my outfit. But in photoshoots it’s all about capturing the moment!

So i felt abit shy at the beginning, hence the jeans hahahaha but ((Saki was very professional at his work so i got into the vibe and posed more confidently in the other lingerie pieces. I was super happy at the result of the photos! ))

do you wear lingerie at home?
Do i wear lingerie at home? Yes i do, i wear it for fun.

I also wear it as my outfits, adding some sexy zest into my casual lords. I like Made of Lace because they have lingerie that i can also wear out casually.

how do you feel in lingerie?
I’ve never really had any lingerie before, believe it or not, other than the typical bra and underwear. NOT a fan of g-string HAHAHA because i don’t like showing off my butt!

Made of Lace is actually the first lingerie brand that i’ve tried and i have to say i really love it. Wearing their lingerie makes me feel confident in a feminine, womanly way, its a good feeling and i like it. Also the material is quite comfortable considering the amount of lace used. ((It’s a big no-no to wear uncomfortable lingerie)).

What do you think about women embracing womanhood / their own sexuality?
The main tip on how to embrace womanhood is Self-Love. Loving yourself is the most important thing to embracing womanhood or your own sexuality.

I’m still learning how to love myself. I may come off as very confident, or as if i don’t care, but i do. The little things still do affect me, comments or whatnots, i am only human.

It’s all a great, wonderful process. We are all learning how to love, or be loved. But to love, we have to learn how to love ourselves before loving anybody else. Self-Love is the key to finding your own sexuality and who you are as a woman.

No doubt the journey to self-love is tough, don’t be too hard on yourself if you have no idea how to do it, i believe it is one amazing process of self-discovery - To truly becoming a woman, to become confident sexually or generally. Nobody’s perfect, everybody’s going through something similar one way or another, just relax and enjoy the process. Just do whatever you know is right for you and your body.

I am my own human, i am my own person. So why not embrace who i am in confidence? Nobody’s stopping me, so why let anybody stop you?


LINK to the song Would You by Talitha Tan

Appearance : @talithatabe
Photographer : @sakiyurai
Wardrobe : @madeoflace


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