Lingerie Care 101

How should i wash my lingerie?

We recommend customer to hand wash your lingerie. To hand wash lingerie first step is to use a mild solution of washing detergent and cold to lukewarm water. Check the care instructions as some materials can only handle cold water, and never use temperatures of over 30°C. You should also be sure to separate whites, bright colours, and dark colours when hand washing lingerie. If you’re really concerned about vivid colours running or fading, especially when washing new lingerie, it’s best to wash these items in isolation.

Yes we know sometimes life gets in the way and hand washing just isn't an option. Putting your delicates in a lingerie bag and popping them in the machine is definitely better than nothing. Your bottoms will weather the wash better than your underwire bras (whose wires and straps can occasionally get bent out of shape by the machine), but if you must machine wash both, be sure to fasten the hooks of your bras so they don't snag other items and please, please, please don't put them in the dryer. The heat of the dryer often proves too much for delicate fibers—especially those blended with a little stretch.

Why there's color in the wash water?

This is totally normal. As with most garments, the dye used in lingerie releases during the wash. Because of the low temps and short soak times, you shouldn't notice any color loss post-wash. If you're concerned about color transfer (or, if like us, you take lingerie care very. very. seriously.) you might consider washing your lingerie in "loads" as you do your regular clothes. Keeping lights + nudes separate from darks + noirs can keep your lighter lingerie looking fresher longer.


What about washing my swimsuit?

Hand washing swimwear like lingerie every now and then is a brilliant way to make your favorite suit last longer, but we also recommend simply rinsing your swimwear with fresh water after each dip. Letting swim fabric sit with salt residue and/or chlorine is the quickest way to ruin a suit. Gently press extra water out of the suit and lay flat or hang evenly to dry.


How should I store my lingerie?

How you organize your drawer is up to you , but this much is universal: always store bras with the hooks hooked (loose hooks can snag delicate laces) and nest molded bras together, as if the cups were spooning (which helps protect + maintain the shape of the cups). In our experience, bras stored with the cups folded in on each other break down much faster and need to be replaced much sooner than bras stored nested together. As a magical-art-of-lingerie-storage bonus, hooked bands make it easier to take bras in and out of your drawer and nested cups actually take up less space.

Proper Care Can Make Your Bras Last Longer

If you’re strategic about how you wash your bras, you’ll get far more wear out of them. In sum, wash your bras every few wears, choose your method of washing wisely, and when in doubt, always hand wash — the effort is well-worth it when it means your favorite underthings continue looking as fabulous as ever.