RM179.90 MYR


Seductive && Sophisticated, the Agnes Little Black Dress whispers "Mystique" all over your enhanced physique. You name it; professional meetings, gatherings with elders to party weekends, it is here to compliment every look you want to be in, with minimal effort.

The newly-refined classic && timeless design induces the feminine nature that a woman possesses, in any environment that she is in. Regarded as the saving grace of outfit blocks, one little black dress that fits you perfectly goes a very...very...long way for any occasions that you need a sweet escape from.

 Keep the Agnes Little Black Dress in your wardrobe and style it as you please; put on a checkered blazer and a belt for a sharp appearance at work in the day, and grab your gold clutch and heels for a dazzling evening à la mode!

Specialist Gentle Dry Clean Only

**Item runs with our size chart as it is cut to suit our size chart. Please refer our size chart for best fit.


Size Guide

Size Bust Waist Hips Length
S Fit to 84cm   Fit to 69cm Fit to 84cm 86cm
M Fit to 89cm  Fit to 74cm Fit to 91cm 87cm
L Fit to 96cm  Fit to 80cm Fit to 97cm 88cm

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